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We Provide General Construction Services.


What You Get With GTX Construction 

GTX Construction Associates, Corp.

Has been serving the five boroughs, Nassau and Suffolk County, for over fifteen years, with our corporate office located in Freeport. We offer complete renovation and remodeling services to enhance the value of your home from start to finish.

We perform home improvements such as extensions, complete renovations, and design-builds, which include repair or remodeling to modernize your home. This can include the installation of kitchen cabinets, drywall, flooring, interior painting, applying paints to the exterior of building surfaces, installation of bathroom tiles and showers, and carpenter, all while maintaining safe working conditions.

We also provide interior carpentry, ceiling and wall installations, doors and windows, masonry work, and interior painting. We also offer full-service design and build renovations, kitchens, bathrooms, finished basements, permit filing, and certificates of occupancy. Our responsibility is to include project coordination with our client and subcontractors to oversee budgets and compliance, along with a timeline for work to keep everything on schedule. We then send you a written contract detailing exactly what work we will perform. We value ourselves for our excellent communication and customer service.

Work With GTX

Currently, GTX Construction Associates, Corp. is opening its doors to additional members for our team. We offer various job opportunities to applicants who wish to work in the contracting sector. To send your application, feel free to contact us today.

Get in Touch With Us

For inquiries, suggestions, and other concerns about our work, please reach out to our team at GTX Construction Associates, Corp. We will get back to you as soon as possible.